Skoda Fabia 1
Various Water Issues

Rainwater running out of the doors from behind the door trim.

This due to failure of the sealant between the window mechanism and the door frame. Daubing sealant over the crack as suggested on many sites is not effective. A much better answer is to loosen the window mechanism and inject new sealant into the gap. 'Bog Standard' sealant is false economy. Superior products that cure in a wet environment are available from builders' merchants.

Rear Screen Wash
Under the Engine.

There is a join in the washer tubing, out of sight between the air cleaner and the firewall. Its an easy job to fit it back together, even with one hand. Stand back and locate it by getting someone to operate the rear screen washer.

Rear Screen Wash
Passenger Foot Well.

There is a join in the washer tubing behind the wheel arch trim on the left side. It has a tendency to blow apart. The trim is not too difficult to remove, after swinging the rear seat cushions forward and vertical. I made sure that the joint would not fail for the third time by slipping some heat shrink tubing over it before pushing it back together. A hot air paint stripping gun will shrink the tubing nicely.

Broken Window Mechanism

This is more prevention than cure. Some important parts are plastic and liable to fail under stress. It is well worth taking the trouble to free the rubber sealing trim from the glass when the car is washed, and to check this frequently. With a little used car and no garage the rubber binds itself to the glass, especially on the (for me) seldom opened passenger window.

Failed Front Screen Washers

While water alone may be used in the summer, its better than nothing, it is very important to have a proper mix of screen wash during the winter. If the pipes freeze it is possible for the pump to blow open the joints warmed by the heat of the engine open on account of ice blockages further away. These joints are very hard to get at!

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