Ubuntu WiFi issues after Suspend.

As I recode this for HTML5 in June 2022 I'm wondering why I bother! This is an annoyance that has died the death. However, I like to keep my pages up to scratch and I am learning how to replace my old HTML4 pages using CSS and style sheets. I use a text editor so its not an easy task while I'm still learning. Anyway... here is the new version using an inline block instead of a table. It validates and I'm happy.

Ubuntu 16.04 and later very often presents the top bar WiFi applet with the ethernet symbol and no WiFi options after recovery from a suspended session that used WiFi. Its an annoyance but the WiFi is actually connected, and the connection information is correct. It can be frustating though if you have moved to a location with a different WiFi network.

Please note that this only applies to Ubuntu distros. (The others that I have experimented with do not have this problem. Running this script is pointless and achieves nothing!

There are some solutions on the web. The best one would only work once for me. Some worked sometimes and the one I devised for myself worked for a time with one laptop and then became ineffective. Nobody seems to know what the cause of the issue is. It seems to me to be a moving target and may be related to time and hardware. I suspect that the cause may be due more to ungraceful shut down of WiFi at the start of a suspend period than bad recovery from suspend.

The fix, as so often happens, is to reboot. However, I have found a way of recovering the correct applet and the correct connection menu. I have not been able to automate the procedure with recovery from suspend, but I have got it down to a single manual click or keyboard short cut. So far it has always worked and there don't appear to be any adverse effects.

The network applet is much more than icons. It is part of the network manager. It does not accept any arguments, but it can be started and stopped from a terminal. This is all that needs to be done to get the wrong display and drop down menu replaced by the corect one.

This script will do the job.

# Close applet...

killall nm-applet

# Open applet...


Copy this text to a new text file on your desktop. I name it
nm-applet_fix.sh . Don't forget to make it executable. Clicking it should close and then open your networking applet with the correct characteristics.

If you want to keep it safe, and out of the way, move it to your Home folder. I have mapped my keyboard Super+F9 to it so that I can use it at any time.

John Everingham. G4TRN, FTCL


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