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GB2RS Broadcasts
for the Bristol Area on

9:30am over GB3ZB, 70cm.
(Disable your tone squelch.)

10:30am on 145.525mHz.
from central Bristol.
(80w omnidirectional)

I decided to have a clear out with the start of the new year!
Old files have been removed from the web server and
old comments have been deleted from this page.

G4TRN on 2m 12th. November 2017
G4TRN over GB3ZB 5th. November 2017
G4TRN on 2m. 29th. October 2017
G4TRN on 2m. 15th. October 2017
G4TRN over GB3ZB 8th. October 2017
G4TRN on 2m. 1st. October 2017
G4TRN on 2m. 24th. September 2017
G4TRN over GB3ZB 17th. September 2017
G4TRN on 2m. 10th. September 2017
G4TRN on 2m. 3rd. September 2017
G4TRN on 2m. 27th. August 2017
G4TRN on 2m. 20th. August 2017
G4TRN over GB3ZB 13th. August 2017
G4TRN on 2m. 6th. August 2017
G4TRN over GB3ZB 30th. July 2017
G4TRN on 2m. 23rd. July 2017
G4TRN over GB3ZB. 16th. July 2017
G4TRN on 2m. 9th. July 2017
G4TRN over GB3ZB. 2nd. July 2017
G4TRN on 2m. 25th. June 2017
(Propagation only.)
G4TRN over GB3ZB. 18th. June 2017
G4TRN on 2m. 11th. June 2017
G4TRN over GB3ZB. 4th. June 2017
Sorry, no recording for 28th. May 2017.
G4TRN over GB3ZB. 21st. May 2017
G7NJX on 2m. 14th. May 2017
G7NJX on 2m. 7th. May 2017
G4TRN over GB3ZB. 30th. April 2017
G4TRN over GB3ZB. 23rd. April 2017
G4TRN over GB3ZB. 16th. April 2017
G4TRN over GB3ZB. 9th. April 2017
G4TRN over GB3ZB. 2nd. April 2017
G4TRN over GB3ZB. 26th. March 2017
G4TRN on 2m. 19th. March 2017
G4TRN over GB3ZB. 12th. March 2017
G4TRN on 2m. 5th. March 2017
G4TRN over GB3ZB. 26th. February 2017
G4TRN on 2m. 19th. February 2017
G4TRN over GB3ZB. 12th. February 2017
G4TRN over GB3ZB. 5th. February 2017
(This recording was not broadcast, the reading was done
live through the input because of loss of the internet
connection to the repeater.)
Sorry, no recording for 29th. January 2017.
G4TRN over GB3ZB. 22nd. January 2017
G4TRN over GB3ZB. 15th. January 2017
G4TRN on 2m. 8th. January 2017
G4TRN over GB3ZB. 18th. December 2016
G4TRN on 2m. 11th. December 2016
G4TRN over GB3ZB 4th. December 2016

24th. Sepember.

No problems! The fuse held up. (New replacements obtained, but not needed.)

17th. Sepember.

Another of those mornings! The amplifier failed just as I was about to do the 2m. reading, which went out at 20W rather than the usual 80W. Problem finally tracked down to a faulty glass 25A supply fuse. It looked ok and measured ok the first time. It was only when I came off the x 1k range of my analogue meter and put set it to the x 1 range that the fault was evident. Not having any replacement (there must be one somewhere, but I can't find it) I repaired the fuse by taking off one end (with heat) and adding more solder to the end that had lost contact. Its working now, even if its not straight. I'll try and find a new one before next week's reading.

The high current 13.8v feed has given more trouble than anything else and I'm tempted to do away with the fuse and rely on the protection circuits in the PSU.

10th. September

Routine! An easy morning for me, only the one reading. The latest mic is working well with the foam sock. No changes planned.

3rd. September

This was a difficult day. I was late planning the file recording and upload. When I checked my email (I never do anything on with a computer without checking my email first. Sad, isn't it.) I learned that the internet connection to GB3ZB was broken. This meant a live reading, after first rebooting the logic to get past 9:30 when last week's news would otherwise be broadcast automatically. (Re-booting can be done with a wireless connection.) It should have been deleted earlier, we have had this issue before, but we don't always remember to do it. Things were further complicated by Raynet needing to use GB3ZB for an event.

Add to this my 9:00am 80m duty (and 10:30 2m duty) and being woken at 3:00am by the 'party' next door. It was not a good start, and it got worse.

You can hear how the broadcast started here


The period of dead silence is where I have (for security reasons) silenced the DTMF tones.

The published recording is from 2m and used last week's Logitec microphone, now with a foam 'sock'. I'm pleased with the result. Quick and easy!

27th. August

Yet another 2m experimental recording! Another Logitec USB microphone. (Its amazing what inexpensive technical toys can be found in charity shops!) This is a desk microphone which will sit comfortably in front of my monitor. As with the other, its very crisp, and directional. There is no background fan noise or hum and you can hear the audio level drop off as I turn away from the monitor to read from the 'top & tails' sheet. The circuit hiss is higher than I would like, but not obtusive. I will have to fit some sort of pop screen, a foam cover at very least, to reduce its sensitivity to a blast of breath.

23rd. July

I've got the GB3ZB recordings well organised now, with a new microphone and digital interface. Recording whilst broadcasting has posed a few problems though. I am using the same set up as for the 9th. July, but it sounds much better. I have no idea why except that I got into serious difficulties with producing a satisfactory stereo mp3 version. I think I had made a settings mistake on the 9th. as the original take was a stereo pair (from a single microphone). Everything went well with the recording on today, recorded in mono, 41000 project rate, my usual compression, level set to -6dB and then exported at 32kb stereo mp3. The fidelity is much better. I have not attempted to remove the background ambient noise.

9th. July

I tried a different system for recording the live 2m broadcast.

Hum induced by the strong local RF field has been a problem.

This time I used a Logitek USB microphone (probably intended for karaoke) alongside the microphone connected the my TS700. It is very 'crisp' at 18", but it is free of hiss, and very directional. It discriminates well against the noise of the fan keeping my amplifier cool.

(31C ambient in the shack this morning!)

Also new for today, and taking advantage of knowledge gained while solving the home page dating issue, is a note of the page update at the top of the page.

You may like to 'bookmark' this page.

I will update this page with the current broadcast as soon after the start of the broadcast as possible.

The readings over GB3ZB should appear very quickly. The readings from 2m. will take some time to appear as they are made at the time of the actual broadcast. I have taken to using the same microphone as I use for the GB3ZB recording.

The file format is mp3. I have settled for 32kBs bit rate. The file size is relatively small, considering the length of the broadcast which is usually about 20 minutes, about 5MB. The recording opens in a 'new 'page' and it will probably go on playing if you navigate away without closing it.

The recording for 15th. January is of the 80m broadcast and runs on (from minute 24) to the start of the GB3ZB broadcast.

I had a couple of 80m contacts before accessing the repeater and exchanging a few words with John, 2E0CRI. This part of the recording has been through a compressor in order to level out the difference between the level of my voice and the sounds from my receivers. The very high noise level on 80m makes reception very difficult!

My H2 recording device was mains powered and you can just hear a hum when I activate my 70cm rig, working through a 'rubber duck' antenna only a couple of feet away. You can hear the beeps as I start up the FT817 and loud clicks as I change the settings so as to connect the TS50 I use (through a transverter) to work GB3ZB.

John Everingham. G4TRN


email:- g4trn(at)


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