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GB2RS Broadcasts
in the Bristol Area on

9:00am on 3.650MHz (80 metre band)

I am part of a team and read on alternate Sundays.
Bristol coverage is not good, but I can be heard further away,
in most of Wales, the Midlands and East Anglia

9:30am on 70cm over
GB3ZB, 430.825MHz
GB3FI, 430.925MHz.

Disable tone squelch (77Hz).

(I alternate with Sean G7NJX.)
The GB3ZB repeater covers Bristol and South Wales well, with reception
also possible up the Vale of Severn and East into Wiltshire.
Antenna changes made to reduce interference to reception have altered the
transmitted signal. The receive is now good
but the repeater is weaker in some areas
and there are some black spots in the coverage.
GB3FI has good coverage south of the Mendip Hills
and additional coverage to some parts of South Wales.

10:30am on 145.525MHz, 2m.
from central Bristol.
(50w omnidirectional)

For a full schedule visit...
The RSGB Website
and follow the link from 'GB2RS News'.

The recordings must not be re-broadcast.

28th. June 2021. As I slowly recover from shingles in my face and around my right eye I will try to get this page up to date and fill in the gaps. Sean has given me tremendous support and has been sending me modified recordings of the repeater broadcasts that I have been able to put out on 2m. The repeater linking has not been trouble free but is working. Each repeater plays its own uploaded news recording independently now.

2nd. May 2021. Now that GB3ZB and GB3FI are linked (via the internet) the GB2RS broadcast will be well received south of the Mendip Hills.

28th. July 2019. With the hot weather my regular non-noise interference just LF of the news frequency of 3.650MHz drifts HF and becomes a real nuisance. My phasing qrm reducer works a treat on this sort of signal and I made a recording this morning that demonstrates just how good it is.

My contact is with G8CKK running about 100W and about 5 miles away. The heterodyne interference appears when I switch my phaser off ( It attenuates all signals by 20dB and you can hear the noise rise (25 sec. in) as the slow AGC brings up the receiver gain when I switch it off. Click the link below to have a listen.

C8CKK on 80m 28th July 2019

Amateur radio has become increasing frustrating at low frequencies, the level of interference, 'noise', has increased enormously. To get some idea of the problem in central Bristol listen to the short recording made by G0JPS who is about two miles away from me. I always use 100w to broadcast the news. G0JPS uses 5W. On this occasion 27 May 2018, I could not hear him. You can hear how well he received me (!) on 80m. (3.650MHz) by clicking the link below. The file format is .wav. Compression does funny things to noise. I am having to do more broadcasts at 9:00am on 80m. Its a good thing that, as a broadcaster, I don't have to receive.

Your browser may not play this file. Mine (Firefox) no longer does. Clicking the link downloads the file. From there it should open in a media player.

Intro, GB2RS from G4TRN, 27th. May 2018

I decided to have a partial clear out with the start of the new year, 2022.
Old files have been removed from the web server and
old comments have been deleted from this page.

G4TRN on 2m. 8th. May 2022
G4TRN over GB3ZB & GB3FI 1st. May 2022
G4TRN on 2m. 24th. April 2022
G4TRN on 2m. 17th. April 2022
G4TRN on 2m. 10th. April 2022
G4TRN on 2m. 3rd. April 2022
G4TRN on 2m. 27th. March 2022
G4TRN on 2m. 20th. March 2022
G4TRN on 2m. 13th. March 2022
G4TRN on 2m. 6th. March 2022
G4TRN on 2m. 27th. February 2022
G4TRN on 2m. 20th. February 2022
G4TRN on 2m. 13th. February 2022
G4TRN on 2m. 6th. February 2022
G4TRN on 2m. 30th. January 2022
G4TRN on 2m. 23rd. January 2022
G4TRN on 2m. 16th. January 2022
G4TRN on 2m. 9th. January 2022
G4TRN on 2m. 2nd. January 2022

John Everingham. G4TRN


email:- g4trn(at)


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