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GB2RS Broadcasts
for the Bristol Area on

9:30am over GB3ZB, 70cm.
(Disable your tone squelch.)

10:30am on 145.525MHz.
from central Bristol.
(50w omnidirectional)

The recordings must not be re-broadcast.

I'm giving my TS700 a rest from news reading duties. Following a spot of trouble with my IC706MKII I have acquired an FT897D. I will use it on 80m, and also on 2m and 70cm. I don't expect my 2m listeners to notice the drop in power, from 80 down to 50 watts, but I will notice a small but significant improvement in my receive capability. Its fingers crossed for 80m, but I have had one qso and a good report, late at night, from EI so I'm reasonably confident that all will go well.

Amateur radio has become increasing frustrating at low frequencies, the level of interference, 'noise', has increased enormously. To get some idea of the problem in central Bristol listen to the short recording made by G0JPS who is about two miles away from me. I always use 100w to broadcast the news. G0JPS uses 5W. On this occasion 27 May 2018, I could not hear him. You can hear how well he received me (!) on 80m. (3.650MHz) by clicking the link below. The file format is .wav. Compression does funny things to noise. I am having to do more broadcasts at 9:00am on 80m. Its a good thing that, as a broadcaster, I don't have to receive.

Intro, GB2RS from G4TRN, 27th. May 2018

I decided to have a partial clear out with the start of the new year, 2019.
Old files have been removed from the web server and
old comments have been deleted from this page.

G4TRN over GB3ZB 6th. January 2019
G4TRN over GB3ZB 23rd. December 2018
G4TRN over GB3ZB 16th. December 2018
G4TRN over GB3ZB 9th. December 2018
G4TRN over GB3ZB 2nd. December 2018
G4TRN over GB3ZB 25th. November 2018
G4TRN over GB3ZB 18th. November 2018
G4TRN over GB3ZB 11th. November 2018
G4TRN over GB3ZB 4th. November 2018

John Everingham. G4TRN


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